29th Street Antiques
High Quality Dealers Wanted

While filling fast, we still have many booths for rent. Our rates are very competitive and our fees very reasonable.

Booth sizes and rates vary so we can easily cater a space to fit your needs. And, until the mall is full, if you rent a booth, we will give you a free booth. What a deal!

We also rent display cases, but they are currently all rented. We have a waiting list of dealers that want cases, and the list will be filled as we obtain more cases. If interested, call and get on the list.

We offer several dealer services at no additional charge. For instance, we deduct booth rent from the monthly settlement, so the dealers do not have to write a check, unless they prefer to. The mall provides employees to run the check out counter. Management is responsible for the till, not the dealers. We also offer an online look up service for our dealers so they can monitor the sales in their booths from anywhere that has internet access. Also available online is a customer want list of items shoppers are looking for. Booth dealers are only required to work one day a month as a floor walker.

Click on Dealer Contract to see a copy.  If interested in space, print a copy, fill it out, and bring it into the Mall.